When you subscribe to a strategy, you start receiving email alerts whenever there are changes to the portfolio. It looks something like this:

Trade Alert

You can use this information to trade your positions with a broker. Once you have done so, you need to login to your transactions page to update your portfolio on FreeFloat. This is an essential step for making sure that your trade and position details with FreeFloat are in sync with your actual portfolio.

FreeFloat allows you to track the performance of multiple strategies simultaneously. But it works only if you sync-up your trades.

If you know a bit of programming, you can make use of our free API to download transactions, execute them through your broker and keep them in sync. Just login to your profile page and click on “(Re)Generate.” Once you have the key, go to RapidApi and Github to have a look at the docs and samples. We have a working integration with the Interactive Brokers API if you have an account with them.

Most users will be happy just receiving the Trade Alert emails and manually managing their portfolios. But for those you who want to go the extra step, we got you covered!