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    Our Strategies are based on patterns that are persistent, investable, logical, and offer repeatable sources of returns.
    Our strategies do not make buy and sell decisions based on hype or memes. We believe the biggest enemy of investing success is human emotions. The way we overcome this bias is by implementing a strategy with discipline and consistency.
    Before deployment, our strategies go through many months of testing in simulation and live trading modes in multiple markets.


    We currently offer access to over 20 strategies and are constantly developing new models, and once they pass our tests, we will provide access to them.
    Every strategy of ours is trying to capture a different pattern. Some models in their portfolio only have one ETF, while others have 20 stocks. Strategies that rebalance once a month to ones that trade more frequently. Some need only a $1000 minimum investment, and others $25,000. We craft most strategies to beat the market, but we create a few to also hedge against the downside.


    It takes a few minutes a month to replicate our strategies. Most portfolios only rebalance once a month, and the changes are emailed to you. Login to your trading account and make the changes. And that's all you need to do.
    We provide APIs that will connect to your broker help you to replicate our strategies without effort. We can help you set this up.
    You can use our portfolio manager to track your portfolio.

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    We are available to answer any query or provide support to any issues. We are available via email, website chat, and Whatsapp. Also, we can get on a Zoom or Google Meet call to help you get started or troubleshoot.​
    All this for $200 a year.

    Performance Snapshot of a Few Strategies

    Cumulative Returns (Since Inception)

    NameMinimum InvestmentModelS&P 500
    Equity Static Acceleration$25,000 85.32% 56.28%
    Equity Dynamic Acceleration$25,000 85.30%60.37%
    Equity Dynamic Relative Momentum$25,000 69.97%60.38%
    Factor Momentum III$1,000 80.02%35.68%

    We Know What We're Doing

    Kishan Murjani Nair, CFA

    Veteran in building investment strategies based on models

    Shyam Sunder

    Engineering and software background guy that caught the market bug

    24x7 Support

    We are available via Email or Chat Anytime.

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