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Cumulative Returns

Lookback (days)StrategySPYMTUM
20 -2.21%+4.46%+6.34%


Information ratio1.3518
Kelly ratio (half)4.6563
Martin ratio10.6754
Sharpe ratio2.4172
Upside potential ratio0.6340

risk-free rate: 2.5%; MAR: 0%; benchmark: SPY

What is the Strategy.

A Momentum Model That Goes Long the Best Performing Factor ETF In the Previous Month.

Research shows that equity factors like Value, Momentum, Quality, etc. go in-and-out of favor. This means that stubbornly ticking to a single factor, like Value, can result in your portfolio under-performing the markets over decades. However, factor performance tends to be sticky. If Quality performed previously, it more-or-less continues to perform over the next month. Our model exploits this stickiness by rotating into factor-ETFs that have outperformed the previous month.

What does it take from me?

Minimum Investment is $ 1000

A Few Minutes a month

9$ a month or 99$ a year subscription to our service

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Who We Are

Kishan Murjani Nair

Kishan Murjani Nair started investing in his late teens investing his personal and family funds using a value based discretionary style but converted to a systematic approach to protect from biases. He has over 10 years of experience of investing, analyzing companies and developing quantitative strategies. He worked in a family office for 7 years before starting his own firm - Flameback Capital. He is also a CFA Charterholder.

Shyam Sunder

Shyam Sunder has over 15 years of experience in investment management, analysis and algorithmic trading. He worked at Merrill Lynch as a trader on their ABS CDS desk in New York. Having had to build his own tools specific to the Indian market to help manage his investments better, he founded StockViz to bring those tools to a wider investor base.

We are based in Bangalore, India. The hub for global IT services and outsourcing.

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