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Professional Grade Portfolios

Invest Without Emotions.

Our models do not make buy and sell decisions based on hype or memes. We believe the biggest enemy of investing success are human emotions and the way to overcome them is to have a disciplined strategy.

We Research and Develop Quantitative Strategies.

We search for patterns that are persistent, investable, logical, and offer repeatable sources of returns. Once identified, our insights are codified and implemented with discipline to be driven more by knowledge than emotion.

Rigorously Tested

Before deployment, strategies go through multiple months of testing in simulation and live trading modes in multiple markets.

A Few Clicks a Month

It takes a few minutes a month to replicate our strategies. Most portfolios only rebalance once a month and are emailed to you.

One Fee. All Strategies

Our subscription provides you access to all our strategies. Follow as many that interests you.

$200 a Year

All Our Strategies For One Price

Performance Snapshot of a Few Strategies

Cumulative Returns (Since Inception)

NameMinimum InvestmentModelS&P 500
Equity Static Acceleration$25,000 73.70%52.42%
Equity Dynamic Acceleration$25,000 84.11%56.41%
Equity Dynamic Relative Momentum$25,000 69.44%56.22%
Factor Momentum III$1,000 82.72%32.33%

We Know What We're Doing

Kishan Murjani Nair, CFA

Veteran in building investment strategies based on models

Shyam Sunder

Engineering and software background guy that caught the market bug

24x7 Support

We are available via Email or Chat Anytime.

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New FEatures, performance and commentary

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