Using the FreeFloat Portfolio Manager

Most subscribers will be happy with receiving emails on portfolio changes and manually putting in the trades in their brokerage account. It works for strategies that track one, maybe two ETFs.

A simple portfolio update.

However, if you want to follow multiple strategies or strategies that trade more than 10 stocks, this can quickly get out of hand.

One way to manage this complexity, is to have FreeFloat drive it.

  1. Once you have executed the trades with your broker, update the trade details on the account/transactions page. This keeps your FreeFloat portfolio in-sync with your brokerage portfolio and differentiate between different strategies.
  2. Specify the funds for which FreeFloat should size each strategy in account/manage. This will make sure that the positions being traded add up to the target.

If this is done, then the account/portfolio page will look like this:

The FreeFloat portfolio page

And the account/transactions page can also be used to keep track of historical transactions:

The FreeFloat pending transactions page
The FreeFloat historical (executed) transactions page

Use the account/manage to add/remove funds to different strategies or stop following them:

By using the FreeFloat Portfolio Manager system, you can track multiple strategies and manage your positions with ease.

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Getting Started

Getting started on is easy.

  1. Register on the app with your email address. Click on the verification link on the email sent to you.
  2. Login using your registered email address and head over to account/subscribe and subscribe to the plan that fits you best.
  3. Browse through different investment strategies and subscribe to the ones that you are interested in.
    • The starting portfolio will be emailed to you within the first few minutes.
    • You will be emailed subsequent changes to the portfolio as the strategy gets executed.

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